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Whether we're fixing a drip, or consulting with you about the latest technology and products to help protect the environment, our reputation is something we protect. That means fast, reliable and affordable service for you - every day, every time.

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Carlson Plumbing only uses the best products.

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  • Licensed and Insured
  • VA Class A License #2705057102A
  • Certified for plumbing, gas, backflow and alternative energy systems
  • Member of VOWRA

General Plumbing Services

A clogged drain? A leak? Not enough water pressure? We're one call away. We can install, repair or replace all types of plumbing fixtures, including your pipes, drains, valves, pumps, water line, sink, tub, toilet, shower, or garbage disposal, as well as any water-related item in your kitchen or bathroom, or the sump pump in the basement.

We are gas certified, so we can make repairs on your gas line or your gas appliances. We will inspect the situation, and clearly explain what needs to be done and at what price. We carry many of the latest parts, supplies, and products ... from high-end fixtures to economy models. We can discuss all your option based on your preference and budget.

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General Plumbing





Emergency Services

Well Pumps

Water Line Services

Septic System

Sewer Line Services

Drain Cleaning

Sump Pumps

Backflow Certification Testing

Property Inspections

Well Water Assessment

Gas Certified

Gas Inspection Services

Gas Line Installation

Gas Appliance Repair

Gas Line Repair

Alternative Energy Solutions

30 Years Experience


Wind Generation

Domestic Hot Water

Solar Pool Heaters

On-Demand Systems

Pressure Tank Analysis

Alternative Septic Systems

Septic System Walkovers

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